Which place in Kolkata is a better option for plotted investment?

The plotted development in Kolkata put forward a lucrative avenue for investment in the realty sector for the Kolkatans. At present plots of different sizes are available in the city and its outskirts conforming to the budget of the different potential buyers. Let’s take a quick glance on the areas that are potential enough for a fruitful plotted investment alongside buying residential apartment in Kolkata.

South Kolkata being an important location in the real estate map of Kolkata offers great options to the buyers in terms of retail shops, plotted investment and residential apartment in Kolkata. The areas that have gained great popularity in the context of offering favorable plots for buy include Diamond Harbour Road and Baruipur. Although both these locations lie in the outskirts of the city but still they have grown by leaps and bounds during the recent years with huge scale of development in terms of transportation networks that well connect the city with its suburbs. In the last two years or so the locations have seen a rise in the capital value by 15-30 per cent at least.

Residential Apartment in Kolkata
Residential Apartment in Kolkata

A buyer can easily find plots with area ranging from 1200-2500 sq.ft and even more. The plots are available for budgets as low as 10-20 lakhs or even lesser. The best part is that these same areas have great potential to get enhanced in their valuation over the next few years. Therefore investing on them will stand as a profitable option no doubt.

At the same time areas like Joka, Pailan, Amtala are also places where plots are available in huge scale and at favorably low price. Investment on them will indeed bear great fruits in due course. The extension of the metro railway network across the city is one of the vital driving forces behind the growth of these areas as lucrative investment options. This is the reason; they are the hot choices at present over buying retail shops or residential apartment in Kolkata.

Investment on plotted land has emerged as one of the great options in the realty sector in the city. They are rather more popular options over buying a retail shop or a residential apartment in Kolkata. Here is a brief look through the different regions having immense potential in that context.

Why a career as Real Estate Agent is lucrative?

Being a real estate agent is a lucrative career option. Apart from being profitable, real estate investment is an interesting field also.

Have you ever thought how much rewarding real estate can be as a career? A real estate agent can be from any educational background. To become a successful real estate agent, the most essential skill one should have is the strong will of ‘serving one’s clients’ as it real estate is a service business.

Apart from the fact that it is a lucrative career, people choose their career in real estate investment for various reasons. Some people don’t want to work under anyone else and prefer to monitor his own job. There are also some people who have a helping nature. They want to help others in investing right in which is considered to be one of the biggest financial transactions of one’s life.

Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Investment

A detailed discussion will show how can the career as real estate agent be fruitful?

You can be your own boss. This means that you can set your own principles, guidelines, and pace of work, choose your client base and even decide your marketing strategies. Since you yourself set your own business line, your sense of responsibility also grows and you become more focused, thus reaping success in the business. Excelling in real estate investment requires effective marketing. This effective marketing includes good business skills and work ethic. You can do other business also as an additional source of income. Once you develop a brokerage business, you can earn very good money in the future by selling off the business. Another important thing is that once you earn good and dependable name as a real estate agent, clients will come drawing towards you. Publicity through word of mouth is very much effective than several other marketing services. So, once you provide good assistance to someone looking to do some real estate investment, he will definitely recommend your name to his near and dear ones. Thus your business will grow pretty comfortably.

Hence, choosing a career in this field is quite rewarding and interesting too!

What are essentials to find the appropriate 2bhk flat or commercial property in Kolkata?

The urban arena in Kolkata is extending beyond its usual limits at a steady pace in accordance with the development in the sphere of its socio economic and cultural lifestyle. The cross flow of newer ideas in the domain of technology and other services are also acting as a driving force to the major development. Therefore, the ultimate need is zeroed at more advanced infrastructure to house the contemporary attributes. Thus, the real estate scenario in the city is enhancing. The call for settlement and nestling the different set up is leading to major ventures to be undertaken in the real estate sector and thus the domain is grabbing attention consistently.

The entire structure of the real estate domain rests on two pillars constituted by the residential and the commercial properties. The residential block is primarily concentrated around flats, standalone houses, bungalows and others while the commercial field deals in multiple selections such as, offices, malls, medical bodies, warehouses, retail and various others.

2bhk flats in north Kolkata
2bhk flats in north Kolkata

The real estate builders are gaining popularity favorably and hence it is no way a difficult option to find a project by a reputed builder anyway when you are looking for flats in north kolkata or a 2bhk flat in Kolkata.

It is still important to consider some factors while choosing your builder.
• How experienced is the builder in dealing with the industry?
• What are the projects undertaken and how was the quality of the projects?
• Is there any involvement of sub-contractors or third-party?
• Does the builder possess the entire relevant permit or sanction from the respective authority to run the projects?
• How comfortable you would feel as a buyer?
• Can you opt for loan and installment facilities as a buyer?
• How reasonable is the price of the property?

Lastly, it is really important to gather feedback and recommendation from other buyers. This considerations are applicable for choosing builders for both residential and commercial set ups. For commercial building the additional things to consider would be analyzing the cash flow and then deciding on the budget, putting utmost attention on details and selecting the space in a commercial hub.

If you are in look out for a normal 2bhk flat in Kolkata or a commercial space for your thriving business, then first understand your actual needs well and then make investments. Your thought process must be practical to gain a favorable deal.

What role has Rajarhat played in changing property scenario in North Kolkata?

Investment in real estate and gold give you maximum returns. Real estate in Kolkata has changed drastically over the period of time. However, the scenario of property in North Kolkata is very much different from that of South Kolkata. People settled in North Kolkata much before they started settling down in South Kolkata. North Kolkata is unplanned and suffers from lack of space. Due to lack of land and over population, the property value of North Kolkata is pretty high. However, with Rajarhat emerging as the new IT hub, the property scenario in North Kolkata is very interesting. Rajarhat Township is having good number of NRI investments since last few years. It is not that people are looking at Rajarhat only as investment; they are interested to stay there in the long run, too. The IT employees also prefer to stay in Rajarhat and New Town as the IT sector is nearby. The land cost here is also quite high.

Property in North Kolkata
Property in North Kolkata

On the other hand, South Kolkata is the commercial hub of Kolkata. There are several posh areas and people prefer to settle down here. Construction of a huge number of flats in South Kolkata is the proof of the large number of people willing to settle down in this part of the city. Real estate companies have their projects specially designed for South Kolkata. The flats of South Kolkata are mainly being designed keeping in mind the modern facilities. The flats in South Kolkata are promoted through several celebrities like Sourav Ganguly. The curve of real estate in South Kolkata is observing a high, thanks to good communication system.

The property scenario in North Kolkata has seen a drastic change in recent years, thanks to development of Rajarhat as the new IT hub. Flats in South Kolkata is also being designed keeping in mind the modern facilities.

Is the Property Sector recession proof?

The world-wide recession over the past five years has left a bad taste in the mouth of most working class people. Many jobs had to be cut off and prices of most commodities have gone up making some of them unviable for buying. In spite of all this, there is still one such sector which hasn’t been adversely affected by recession which has been the property sector. The era may be of an economic slowdown or an economic boom, the property sector is always away from loss making. Many people, especially economists feel that this sector is always growing in the positive direction because land properties are non-depreciation assets.

real estate agent
Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents are now making a beeline for East India. It seems that property prices in the West and South of India have risen to such soring levels that selling any flat, bungalow etc has become tough. The eastern part of the nation, epically West Bengal has been under-utilized in terms of land and property so the prices are still under control. In urban Bengal that is in cities like Kolkata and Howrah, the property prices have just started to rise due to infrastructural development like Metro Rail Projects. So property agents are looking towards other two tier cities like Durgapur and Asansol. Being in the country side of the state, property prices may still be under control over there.

The north side of Kolkata city also still has some scope of availability regarding prime land and property at reasonable prices. It’s so as the southern part of the city of joy has risen up quite a lot when it comes to these non-movable assets. The future seems to be bright and won’t become dull for the property sector for many decades to come in this century.

The boom is just going to increase with time for any property in developing nations. This is true especially for the eastern part of our great nation.