Few Tips To Have A Safe Home

One can sense the chill in the air. It’s Christmas time which brings sumptuous food, travelling, partying within its red socks. People tend to visualize this time of the year through rose-tinted glasses. If you belong to these categories then here we must share few advanced tips to secure your home pilferers while you are out. Now you have started thinking how to leave your home safe in this vacation time. What needs to done? Let’s others go out you will their alone at home for its safety? No ways, staying alone is also apparently unsafe even you have a security guard in your residential compound too.
First of all consider yourself fortunate enough for owning your own home. Kolkata this year is celebrating this occasion this year with the steady selling number of Affordable flats in Kolkata. The association of real estate honchos with these budget friendly flats in Kolkata is creating massive interest among the home buyers and it’s a great news for Kolkata real estate industry as well. Coming back to the festive season here below are some effective safety tips which should be followed for better security purpose of your adobe.

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Choose a safe apartment– These days are full with increasing vile incidents happening around. We get news like rape and murder inside the four walls of residential apartments across the country in our dailies on an alternative basis. To reduce danger firstly you need to select an apartment of advanced facilities and decent neighborhood. Thus before purchasing an apartment it’s always necessary to have a thorough research on the locality of your chosen property and Google the crime rate of that very area as well.
Check emergency exits– Have a close look at the emergency exits of your chosen residential unit. Incase fire or any natural disaster occurs you should know the quickest other ways to escape from the calamity.
Know your neighbors well– This is one of the basic process to calculate your safety level. Knowing you neighbors mean having the whereabouts of the people whom you are surrounded by. Having good rapport with neighborhood eases your daily living. They will protect your home while you are outside. Try to be friends with them as much as possible.
Install a home security system– Buy a reliable home security camera for your property inside out to have a safer life. Surveys show that 80% of the burglars don’t attack a home that has CCTV recording system installed. The live footage on these cameras can be viewed on smart phones even. Have sensor on the doors and windows so that if your property gets in touch with any unknown person or even animals it will cause the alarm ringing.
Few quick tips then
Don’t shilly-shally to report in local police station id you find something suspicious around.
Take a self-defense class from the professionals
Speak to the landlord if some appliances, such as doors, windows, locks, are wrecked.
Moreover be precautious about sharing information about your daily schedule on your social media. Your wellbeing and privacy is the most imperative when you are living by yourself.
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New Tax Implementation Will Impact On Initial Revenue

The Bills have been already passed in the state assembly for the introduction of unit area assessment (UAA) system to resolve property tax issue. The KMC authority is all the set to draw up a plan for new property tax rule to put into operation. Now the KMC officials have been working hard on the regulation part to get the concluding approval from the government. But some officials fear that the new tax system won’t be an appropriate to be implemented in an unplanned city which could lead sinking revenue drawn in the early days.
Under UAA the city has been divided into six different categories on the basis of utilities available by the civic body. Thus neighborhood will be rated on the ground of accessible facilities such as- drinking water, drainage system and easy access to Metro. Residents are likely to fill up some property valuation related self-declared documents and submit them to the local KMC counter as well. This document will contain a calculated form of annual valuation of respective properties. If the property undergoes any remodeling or alteration that has to be there in the documents to avoid penalty charges.

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The Civic Assessment Dept. will have to come up with the UAA regulation within next three months. Then it will be sent to the municipal affairs dept. for processing before it gets published. The after-effect of the implementation has already been a subject to uneasiness to the officials, as they believe this won’t be an easy task to implement a new rule replacing the old one in an unplanned city like Kolkata. An official said, “We are at a crossroad, with the old system giving way to a new one. We fear we will lose revenue for the first three-four months. This may prove negative.’’

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The civic body has to sum up an impossible task with in this short period of time. The task is of helping out 6.5 lakh citizens to realize and asses their property valuation by their own. The entire system will entirely an online process. The residents should be properly trained in the new system. Currently the IT dept is burning night oil and KMC might farm out the job. To inquire about the progress of flats in rajarhat contact us. The property will complete within the H1 2017. Luxury, lakeside apartments.

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New Registration Rule Of West Bengal Under RERA

RERA was introduced to aim at enhancing property buyers’ right protection. Real estate in particular has effective role in Indian GDP. Again economic activities don’t symbolize GDP. Over the years real estate industry has been pointed as a sector of illegal money perking and delay in the registration and delivery process. Now HUPA has asked every state government to get registered under notified RERA. Gujrat has been the first state to register notified RERA. Now it’s West Bengal’s turn to submit notified real estate norms. As per the act state government needs to submit ‘’lay out plan’’- a plan of the projects representing the division or the proposed division of land into plots, roads, open space, amenities etc. and any other details as may be necessary.

It all starts with the plot registration clause
Act’s second chapter consist the rules for real estate project registration. For registration purpose a documents that are needed-
1. Authenticated PAN card, audited balance sheet of the previous financial year and valid income tax returns of past 3 years of the promoter.
2. Legal deed of the plot reflecting title of the promoter to the particular land with all other legal documents that proves that the land doesn’t have any third party involvement.
3. The details of loan and other debts on the land on which the development is proposed.
4. The correct measurement of open parking allotment.
5. In case the owner is any third-party or under any joint ownership there should be a proper written consent of the owner or JV agreement, copy of collaboration agreement and development agreement.
6. The promoter will pay the registration fee at the time of application by way of a demand draft on any listed bank for a sum calculated as the rate of:

a. Rupees 10/ sq mtr for residential projects where the area of land proposed to be developed, doesn’t exceed 1000 sq mtr., or 20 Rupees/ sq mtr for residential projects where the area of land proposed to be developed exceeds 1000 sq mtr.

b. Rupees 50/sq mtr for commercial or any other projects where area of land proposed to be developed doesn’t exceed 1000 sq mtr or Rupees 100/ sq mtr area of land proposed to be developed exceeds 1000 sq mtrs

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If the promoter applies for withdrawal of the application for registration before the expiry of the registration period of 30 days provided registration fee to the extent of ten percent paid under sub rules or rupees fifty thousand whichever is more, shall be retained as processing fee by the regulatory authority and the remaining amount shall be refunded to the promoter within thirty days from the date of such withdrawal.

Land registration process in India has been quite a lengthy and complex process which straightway affects the possession delivery and causes delay after the completion of the project.

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Environmental Clearance Won’t Create Exigency In Real Estate Development

Government now has relaxed environmental clearance process for upcoming real estate evolution in the course of ‘Housing for all within 2022’ project. The changes are likely to dash off through gazette. The central government has to make the clearance portion easier to fast-track the deliverance time of residential projects. Under this rule small projects will have to produce ‘self-declaration’ documents to meet environmental conditions. Whereas the bigger projects need to seek prior green approvals before the construction puts on the board. Therefore along with every other required legal documents before registration builders are bound to show environmental approvals if they are asked for the same.

These changes came in front in the past week with the gazettes as bye-laws in the environment impact assessment to stroke up the approval process for realty development. “Since the states are now required to bring changes in the respective building bye-laws so that it won’t be in conflict with the central notification, the implementation of the new rules will take nearly six to seven months,” said Manoj Kumar Singh, joint secretary in the environment ministry. This inclusion has been made following the footsteps of countries like Japan and Singapore. Speaking about the entire process Sing also informed, “Idea is to make more buildings follow environmental norms. It integrates standard environmental conditions with the building permission to cut delays.”

The following gazettes confirmed that residential projects sized 5000 sq mtr up to less than 20,000 sq mtr comes within range of fulfilling ‘environmental conditions’ through self-declaration and certification process. According to the law the local authorizes have the final say regarding conformity of the green laws. If you want to buy flats in Kolkata you should have a clear idea of whether the builder is well aware of this major submission. This category of project was under supplanting group. “The local authority may issue the building permission incorporating environmental norms in it and allow the project to start based on self- declaration and certification,” it said. Projects that are sized of 20,000sq mtrs to less than 1,50,000sq mtrs will be absolved from the existing modus operandi of ‘prior environmental clearance’ from the State-level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA), due its time-depleting infrastructure. Now construction companies don’ need to go to SEIAA. This category of buildings now will get real-time ‘building permission’ and ‘environmental clearance’ from local civic bodies which will be having an ‘environmental cell’ for checking the environmental parameters.

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Now this cell will process online applications and come forth with it in a meeting of committee of development authorities and Municipal Corporation. The committee will audit and settle the environmental clearance will be issues to be incorporated format by the local authority. This entire move is aimed at ‘ensuring ease of doing responsible business’ and integrating the permission for construction. The key factor of the notification is to bring low budget flats within 2022 for the lower income socio-economical group in urban areas. Under the notification, only building projects of the size of 1.5 lakh sq metres to less than 3 lakh sq metres will have to go to the SEIAA for prior green clearance while the projects having more than 3 lakh sq metres will go to the environment ministry’s central assessment authority.

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Country’s ‘Ease Of Doing Business’ Rankings Hit By Construction Delay

Indian economy is slowly getting back on the line with a fair ascend in the capital graph across the major cities. Reportedly Central government has come up with various kind of dynamism in order to rectify the process, wistfully there has been no positive response in India’s ranking in ‘ease of doing business’- declared by the World Bank in latest report. Specifically the existing civic administration and lagging process of real estate development approval can be spotted as unfavorable aspects behind the static condition. Here we shall probe how this delay is impacting ease of doing business.

Complex approval process

There’s an existing ponderous approval system which has 3 lengthy stages involved i.e.- pre construction, in- construction, post-construction approvals-
Pre-construction– This is the phase when builders seek approvals for the site and construction lay-out, building permit from the civic bodies, archeological and environmental clearance, road access sanctions, civil aviation, fire and ground water authority
In-construction approvals contain pollution clearance and power infrastructure clearance
Post-construction is clearing building completion approval, possession certificate barring service plan and service connection permit

Single Window Clearance

For accelerate the approval process the sector has a major need of single window clearance process for simplifying the approval gateway. However, the Union Urban Development Minister has announced that a new system will be set up for speeding up the real estate construction sector project approval process under which all projects will be sanctioned within two months from the time of application.

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India has been receiving foreign fund assistance from the tie ups with Korea, Japan and Cyprus. As per the latest report on EODB by World Bank titled ‘Doing Business 2017: Equal Opportunity for All’ India holds the rank of 130th among 190 other countries. This year a lot of improvement has been seen in the electricity connectivity where as the major whiner is the real estate property registrations and construction permits for drop rankings. Construction permit ranking this year is 185th.
According to the current infrastructure despite of the existing GST bill the tax structure is still very fragile. However the bill is partially in action there has to be major modification implemented in the entire construction business and registering properties in India. After the execution of ‘Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code’ India should witness substantial rise in the rankings expected. Adding on every Indian state is working on notifying RERA rules and formation of property civic body based on which this sector will get relieved from complex approval policy and obtain a single window clearance system approval policy that it had been looking for a long time. Now 162 days have been limited for a construction permit. Adding on in a recent report of HUPA it’s revealed the urban local bodies will be given more authorities in terms of enabling the single window clearance system.

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