What things should be kept in mind while buying or renting an Apartment?

There are certain Dos and Don’ts that one needs to have in mind while making a purchase in the real estate. Following these few simple rules will make your purchase a more convenient one.

Apartment in kolkata
Apartment in kolkata

While choosing an apartment in Kolkata, one needs to be very careful. Many things are to be kept in mind while making an investment in real estate:

1. First and foremost is the budget, which needs to be decided first. It is advisable, that while buying or renting an apartment, the EMI or rent has to be one-third of the income or nearby.

2. In order to maximize the search, one can make use of multiple apartment search service. This would help you to get an idea of the approximate cost of that area as well.

3. While finalizing, it is of utmost importance that you check for the property owner name online. Investigate that whether previously the apartment had any complaint, lawsuits or any other dispute.

4. After making a choice, visit your apartment as frequently as possible to check whether everything is going fine or not. Investigate the apartment thoroughly and keep a watch over any signs of neglect. Check for any sign of rust, leak or pest problem as well. Do not leave any stone unturned while making this thorough check of the apartment and its surroundings. If there is any problem that needs urgent attention, bring it to the notice of your Landlord or Builder. Also keep a watch on the insulation, water supply, constant electric supply etc. You should also check your electrical plug-points while it is being done.

5. Notice your neighbour, and point to them which activity of them can cause trouble for you. Similarly, you should also not do any such thing which might cause trouble for them. Sorting out these problems beforehand will enable you to avoid any confusion or quarrel later on.

6. Though every neighbourhood has a problem or two, choose a neighbourhood that has less unwanted disturbance, so that your home is able to provide you with the much-needed solace.

7. Do take notice of how far the emergency services like hospital, police station etc. are.

Keeping these few simple things in mind, will enhance your property- buying experience.

How to sell your property as office space in Kolkata?

The demand of office space in Kolkata is increasing with each passing day. If you want to sell property in the “City of Joy”, you need to consider the real estate companies in Kolkata.

The commercial scenario in Kolkata has changed a lot over the years. More and more offices are coming up in different parts of the city. Hence, the demand of office space in Kolkata is also increasing with each passing day.

real estate companies in kolkata

If you have property that could be apt for office space then you will be a gainer as selling or renting put property earns you good money. However, there are some points which you need to borne in mind.

Selling a product means convincing the buyer about the positive things of the property. This requires systematic efforts so that the seller can reach out to the maximum number of potential buyers. Here lies the function of real estate companies. If you want to sell property in the “City of Joy”, you need to consider the real estate companies in Kolkata. Once you decide upon a particular real estate company which has good repute in the market, it will take the necessary steps to ensure that your property gets the maximum reach of prospective buyers.

The real estate company will identify people and businesses that will be interested in buying your property. If you have not so big space, then it can be utilised as small office space. If it is a very much spacious such as 10 thousand sq feet or even more, them they are ideal for big offices.

If the real estate company has a portal of its own, ask them to put your property ad in their portal. Providing detailed information about the property site, along with photos, with contact details will surely generate a lot of inquiries.

What is the price of buying residential plots in Kolkata?

The increasing demand for residential plots in Kolkata has made the price of property in Kolkata rise up the ladder. However a real-estate investment in Kolkata might help you in the long run. Its establishment in proper locations saves transport expense as well as time.

Kolkata is said to be the eight largest assemblages within the world, according to the United Nations World Urbanization Prospects report. With the huge influx of people from villages and towns to major cities has resulted in huge demand of residential property in Kolkata. Ready-made houses in the heart of the city is not always available, if available, they do not always are within general reach. So, people also go for buying plots and then slowly and steadily build their dream house there. Nowadays, with the hike in the number of nuclear families, the necessity for Apartments has also taken a sharp rise. Small apartments enable them to have things near at hand and also smaller space to look after, with the busy life, it is not always possible for people to look after the whole house, a small, airy, comfortable apartment caters to their need.

Residential Property In Kolkata
Residential Property In Kolkata

Though considered to be the cheapest city of India, the real estate price in the city of joy does not sing in the same tune. However, undoubtedly buying residential plots in Kolkata is less expensive that cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. But, one needs to be careful while investing their hard-earned money into buying a residential plot. One must be aware of the locational advantages like transport facilities, nearest market-area, hospital and other facilities while determining the price of the plot or apartment. One can take the help of the online property selling websites, in order to get an idea about the prices in an area. The websites also helps to connect the buyer to the seller and thereby placing the buyer in an open market, where he can choose his desired residential area or apartment within their budget, as the websites provides fields to set their budget. More and more property dealers are coming to invest their money in building Residential complexes in Kolkata, which provide them with luxury and utility amenities like Swimming Pools, Gymnasium, and Gardens and so on. They are sometimes attached to Shopping Malls, which add to their glitz and glamour.

It is up to the Customer, to choose whether they prefer huge mansions or humble houses, compact apartments or luxury complexes. They fix their budget according to their need or scissor their demands according to their budget. It is true that buying residential plots in North Kolkata is more expensive compared to buying residential plots in South Kolkata due to the scarcity of land in North Kolkata. Whatever it is, there is no fixed price of residential plots in Kolkata as it changes with time, the area it covers, its location, the facilities it provides etc.

Why it is important to have a rent agreement while renting out the property?

One of the newest trends prevailing in the real estate sector in the city is finding a great deal of house for sale in Kolkata and then renting it out for getting income steadily for a long time. A properly crafted and signed agreement is one of the must-haves in this respect. Here are few insights on the matter.

House For Sale In Kolkata
House For Sale In Kolkata

At present real estate is one of the emerging fields no doubt with every one eyeing on the prospect of the sector. There has been an increase in the interest of the people to find out a favourable deal on house for sale in Kolkata. At the same time several projects dealing with property in south, west, east and north Kolkata have come up to make way to the increasing demand. Buying a property is no more directed towards building one’s sweet home but it has gained more importance as a preferable investment option for individuals of various age group and professionals from different walks of life. One of the important objectives towards buying a property is to put it on rent and create a long term source of income. That is indeed a lucrative option.

Renting out one’s property on rent is a popular option but at the same time there are some important considerations to be made, the foremost being having a well formulated agreement for renting. The agreement must entail all the required terms and conditions. The relevant details of the parties involved in the transaction. The agreement should be such that it must safeguard the interest of both the property owner and the tenant. If at the time of formulating the agreement the relevant points are not scrutinized and made transparent enough then there are chances that afterwards legal issues might crop up and create unnecessary hassles. The most important aspects happen to be conducting background check of both the owner and the tenant. The terms of payment should be well defined as that stands out to be the root cause for all the major problems. The terms include the specific date for paying the rent, bearing the maintenance charges; pay the utility bills like electricity bill, telephone bill, security deposit, refund and several other intricate points. Lastly, one should clearly mention the tenure for which the property would be rented out. Normally the agreement is signed for 11 months. The notice period and the clauses to be followed if either of the parties wants to cancel the agreement before time should also be made precise in the agreement.

How Kolkata is opening up with new avenues in the real estate sector?

Kolkata is growing to a great extent making way to a great scope for the real estate sector in the city. There is huge demand for 2bhk flats and houses for sale in Kolkata. Here is a brief overview on the current scenario.

The realty sector in Kolkata is showing a major hike and hence the time is indeed ripe to invest in the sector. This is no doubt going to offer a positive effect in terms of the ROI. This also bears enough testimony that the cityscape is growing tremendously. Investing in the real estate in the city has much potential to yield great profit and there are multiple reasons for the rapid pace of development in the sector. The development can be observed across the city and the key areas where the demand for 2bhk flat in Kolkata is at its peak are Ballygunge, Belvedere, Southern Avenue, Park Street, and Lower Circular Road and so on.

2BHK Flat in Kolkata
2BHK Flat in Kolkata

Although, these places are quite considered as the posh ones and the prices of properties are far higher over here. Still, it didn’t create much impact on the buyer’s preferences of looking for house for sale in Kolkata over here. The areas, such as Garia, Kalikapur, Ajoynagar, Behala, Thakurpukur and many others are some which are although not very near to the heart of the city but still among the popular demands for having flats, stand alone buildings, farm houses and plotted lands. The development of transportation networks, upcoming metro routes and construction of Bypass connectors and flyovers have created great potentials for these spots and connected them simultaneously to the throbbing city heart. Rajarhat, Newtown, Tollygunge and Howrah are also some of the areas which are also very much in demand. Hence, the city is growing making way to a better lifestyle. That’s a welcome change for sure.