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About Us

Liyans as an ISO certified company, a venture of Liyans Commerce Pvt. Ltd., is a comprehensive real estate searching portal, covering all the major cities of India. It is using a cutting edge technology emphasizing user friendly experience in India. What we have created here is much more user friendly and convenient, yet effective way for people to find their next home up-to date information on properties, available free of charge, 24 hours and 7 days a week through our However it is not just the residential needs but every aspect of human needs in the real estate industry that we are looking after.

It is a forum where Builders, Buyers, Sellers and Brokers can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Here you can advertise for a property & search for a property.


To be the leaders in the Real Estate Project Marketing Management Industry, on the both local & national level, with the assurance to provide the best service to the customers.


Value for money to everybody. Home for All.

    At Liyans, we strongly believe in providing outstanding customer service, in maintaining a creative environment, in great selection, in high quality services, in competitive prices, and in perpetual training & education. We are strongly driven by the following core values:
  • Growth and Profitability
  • Integrity and Quality
  • Communication and Flexibility
  • Professionalism and Productivity
  • Creativity and Energy
  • Education and Development