Residential Properties in Kolkata Are Of Utmost Demand In 2014

The prices of residential property in Kolkata are rising every year. Yet affordable apartments and flats are available here. Low and affordable cost of transportation costs of the city is one of the factors which attract people to Kolkata. The high demands for such housing needs are met by the future enthusiastic companies.

Kolkata was the British capital of India. Though Kolkata’s is not as old as Delhi, the city still holds an important position in Indian history. Established in the year 1686 Kolkata has developed with each passing year. Now in the 21st century Kolkata is of the metro cities where more than a crore people reside with a literacy rate of 87.14%. People thus wish to buy residential property in Kolkata and settle down.

Residential Property in Kolkata
Residential Property in Kolkata

With time the connectivity and transportation has developed too. Kolkata is now connected with the world through air, land and water ways. Transportation in Kolkata can be divided and subdivided into the following:

• Road transport
1. Buses
2. Taxis
3. Auto-rickshaws and rickshaws
• Railway
1. Metro railway system
2. Mono rail
3. Tramways
• Airways
• Waterways
1. Port
2. Water transport system

The ease of public transportation makes Kolkata more appealing for the people. The transportation prices are very low thus cost of living is not expensive. The advantages of such inexpensive public transport are:

• Saves money: affordable transportation options will save fuel and money.
• Improves health: walking up to the bus stand will be a part of the daily exercise.
• Environment friendly: travelling by public transport means less burning of fuel leading to less pollution.
• Less congestion: lesser number of cars on streets will allow smooth flow of traffic.

Everyone wishes to settle down in a city where the cost of living is affordable yet it has all the metro city facilities. These features make Kolkata very popular. Each year the prices of residential property in Kolkata are rising because of the constant demand. Liyans are developing and establishing various residential properties in Kolkata at very affordable prices. These flats and apartments are situated at the well-connected areas of the city making living here a pleasurable experience.

Now You Have Even More Reasons to Buy Residential Flats in Kolkata

Investing in residential flats in Kolkata is the correct move as the city is gaining importance both economically and politically.

The RBI published in its annual report that the real estate prices of Kolkata have risen up by 60% while the national average is 21%. Nine major cities are included in RBI’s quarterly house price index to track the real estate price movements.

Kolkata faced the highest growth of 60% from the 4th quarter of 2012 to 4th quarter of 2013 fiscal plan. While Kolkata bloomed Mumbai witnessed the lowest of 10.6% in the same period.

The highest deals on real estate in Kolkata in the recent times are:

  • Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) auctioned a deal of Rs.96 lakh per cottah of a plot on the EM Bypass. The total value of the plot 2 acre is Rs.115 crore.
  • KMC sold another plot (3.3 acres) for Rs. 135 crores on EM Bypass in 2009.
  • Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) sold a plot of 2.2 acre for Rs.51.13 crore at IT township of Rajarhat.

    Residential Flat in Kolkata
    Residential Flat in Kolkata

Harsh Vardan Patodia of Credai Bengal opines that the government agencies have set up such a trend in West Bengal, mostly in Kolkata. Transportation and communication has rapidly improved in Kolkata in the last decade. And probably Kolkata is the most affordable metro city not only India but in the whole world. The improvement has surpassed all other metro cities in India and thus leading way to a real estate boom. Construction developers like Liyans are building great yet affordable residential flats in Kolkata.

Thus very good residential flat in kolkata have mushroomed in the suburban areas like Baruipur (south), BT.Road (north), Howrah (west) and Champahati (east). The cost of the land is comparatively low thus affordable yet comfortable housing facilities are available.

According to the RBI reports it is probably the best time to invest a real estate property in Kolkata. Not only because of the prices are affordable but investing in real-estate is almost resistant to economic meltdowns. Residential flats in Kolkata are a safe and great investment.

Getting Your Dream Abode Is Easier Than You Have Ever Imagined

Reasonable and affordable residential apartment in Kolkata are in much demand. The growing population of the metro city requires well designed and well planned residential options. Leading construction houses are keeping this very necessary in mind while they promote and built various residential projects.

With the growth in the economic sector the booming population needs a well-designed and well located place to reside in. The most factors in choosing the residential area are connectivity and security. It is sad to notice but with time crime has increased and has made life of regular commuters difficult, thus proper security and connectivity is necessary. Kolkata is a metro city which provides various kinds of employment and growth options which attracts huge amount of population.

Apartment in kolkata
Apartment in kolkata

The scarcity of place and large population has been sorted out with multistoried buildings which stand together forming clusters. The latest trend noticed in the residential flats in Kolkata that they are very well planned. The new housing complexes consist of several buildings which are multistoried. Gyms, pool, school (available in most of the complexes) and a departmental store are also included in these complexes. The need for parks and greenery is also taken notice of.

The latest apartment in Kolkata is comprised of a drawing or living space, two or more bedrooms along with a modular kitchen and attached bathrooms. While the apartment is a self-sufficient unit but a flat is a part of remodeled or renewed older buildings. The apartment is much spacious unit the flat is a much smaller and confined unit. The flats are singly owned by their owners while apartments may be owned by various owners in parts or even rented.

The demands for residential flats in Kolkata have gone up since the last decade. Innovative and spatially optimized projects have come up in the last few years with the help of modern technology. Flats and apartments are being built to suit a very wide range in customers. There are choices in almost all the aspects of these buildings.

Which are the locations offering best flats for sale in Kolkata?

In eastern India, the only metro city is Kolkata. Hence, it is very much in demand for various types of real estate projects. The demand for flats for sale in Kolkata is also increasing.

In eastern India, the only metro city is Kolkata. Also being a historical city, Kolkata is very much in demand for various types of residential projects. People keep on coming to Kolkata for various purposes such as higher studies, business and jobs. Top IT giants, hotels chains and several other brands have set up their offices in the City of Joy.

flat for sale in kolkata

With the number of people increasing in the city, the demand for flats for sale in Kolkata is also increasing. Rajarhat, New Town and Salt Lake area have become popular mainly among the IT employees. In North Kolkata, places like Beliaghata, Paikpara, Sinthi More have several flats. Potential buyers can find several flats for sale in Kolkata’s southern part such as Ballygunge, Tollygunge, and Anwar Shah. If one is looking for flats for sale in Kolkata but wants to stay from the din and bustle of the usual Kolkata nature, she/he may check out the flats coming up in Mahestala, Joka and even Amtala areas.

Several flats are available according to the demand of the customers. One can get compact 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartments for small families with small budget. Some apartments are 5 BHK or 6 BHK duplexes or penthouses. These are ideal for big families and those who do not have budget limitations.

Not only residential flats, there are also flats for sale in Kolkata which are perfect for commercial use. These kinds of flats re mainly available in commercial areas and are located to the rest of the city with very good transportation system. These flats come with a huge space and also with moderate space. Small offices prefer to have the moderate flats while the branded companies prefer spacious flats.

Why are people opting more for flats in Kolkata?

There is a huge demand and availability of flats in Kolkata. Due to fast lifestyle, people prefer to buy a new flat instead of constructing a new home. In order to meet the increasing demand of flats, contractors and builders are providing flats for sale in Kolkata.

If you want to start a new business in Kolkata, deciding on real estate is a good option for you. There is a huge demand and availability of flats in Kolkata. Due to fast lifestyle, people prefer to buy a new flat instead of constructing a new home. Construction of new home means a lot of time should be allotted for looking after the construction process of the house. Even if you are hiring a contractor to construct your house, you need to do several necessities for the house on your own. Also, constructing a new house involves a lot of expenses. At first you need to select a site for the house construction, do all the formalities required to buy it and then start constructing the house. Constructing itself is a lengthy process and requires much of your time and attention as well. Hence, people prefer to buy flats in Kolkata.

Flat for sale in kolkata

In order to meet the increasing demand of flats, contractors and builders are providing flats for sale in Kolkata. In every nook and corner of the city, you will find varied flats. You can choose a flat according to your own requirement. The flats for sale in Kolkata have their price fixed according to their location, modern amenities and transport system. In Kolkata, a number of residential complexes have been built and still being set up, nearer to commercial places which have several numbers of offices. The real estate situation in and around Salt Lake and Rajarhat has changed immensely. This is because these areas are the IT hub of Kolkata. Rajarhat is a posh area and is much preferred by IT people.

If you have interest in real estate, you can be real estate agents and help clients find out flats for sale in Kolkata. It will be a lucrative career option for you.