200 Housing Projects Across The Country By CREDAI

On Monday April 03 a press con has been addressed on the launching of 200 affordable housing projects in Ahmedabad on April 8 by Union urban housing development minister M Venkaiah Naidu. In contribution to our prime minister’s ‘Pradhanmantri Awas Yojna’ of providing affordable housing estate within 2022, Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (Credai) is about to launch 200 economical projects across India, confirmed by the new CREDAI chairman K Subba Raju.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicCREDAI association of Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupati and Kurnool are all set with the blueprints to put in central’s affordable housing scheme, said President A. Siva Reddy. According to the president, “The location of the project, the number of units and other details will be worked out in consultation with our national body. The state government had also decided to construct 1.94 lakh houses for the economically weaker sections and our AP chapter will be involved in the project.” In his statement it was highlighted that the increasing cost of inputs like land, steel, cement and labor might be the cause of the price3 hike of these housing estates in the coming days. Speaking about the regulatory, Reddy thinks, complete implementation of RERA and GST can also have impact on cost of the houses.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe mission of providing houses for economically backwards classes will be executed 2015-2022, within which central will provide befitting assistance to Urban Local Bodies through states. It was introduce in June, 2015 aiming of providing 2 crore+ housing estates across the nation. This ‘housing for all scheme’ has been successfully continuing in 200 cities of India. Out of the four metros Kolkata is supposed to be the most preferred metro of the builders for upstanding low budget flats in Kolkata. Already there is radical reduction of EMI under this humongous project for providing housing for LIG of the society. As per the scheme, government will sanction loan up to 600,000 for a period of 15 years of less at subsidized interest rate of 6.5%.

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Curtain-Raiser, World Realtor Day

21st March will be now on celebrated as World Realtor Day. Paying tribute to the profession and the diligence of the realtor was the reason behind this consequential announcement by NAR-India. This is the one of its own kind commendation showing reverence to professional realtor fraternity across the country, hosted at the Hotel Shangrila, Bengaluru. Putting the professional brokerage business in India on the board was the idea, for which NAR came up with this initiative of promoting realtor business on a broad and respectable dais. Alike Bengaluru, Kolkata realtors also found celebrating the very day. The entire week is conferred to this bash.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicNAR-India and dynamic realtors have teamed up for keeping up the spirit high of realtor profession, which shows that there are professional realtors practicing on the code of ethics and default ideology, Honesty, Ideology and Transparency (HIT Philosophy). As a preface of Word Realtor Day, NAR-India has seen preoccupied with 35+ local partnerships ingeniously getting engaged in a 3 days nationwide social service by coordinating Blood Donation Camps on March 18, nutriment of the homeless on March 19 and working for orphanage and hospitals on 20th March. World Realtor Day celebration will be followed by a National Annual Sports Competition. From 22nd March- 24th March NAR India Olympaid will be at the Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli. Every local associate will be a part of this celebration acquainting their support to this noteworthy cause.
The NAR initiated new-era is for reshaping real estate industry as a perfect blend of FIT (Fulfillment-Inventory-Organization) which can procure to every realty requirement of an ideal real estate infrastructure. Several companies were in vain, because of a single element shortage of FIT in the past. Generally property portals are free from this fulfillment fit out and all the transaction companies bypass a trustworthy technical platform, which can be really useful for the lead generation. Having the shakes from regulations like Demonetization, RERA implementation and the Benami Transactions(Prohibition) Amendment Act 2016, only the professional brokerage firms will be continue in the industry, who kept their practice honest right through. Also proper education and training will be there to take local brokers a step ahead to become recognized as professional realtors.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicWith these up-and-coming changes in the Brokerage industry and range of developments this industry is going to witness a substantial escalation. Now real estate industry has been monitored under safe-hands and with advanced technical usage it’s reaching towards its desired substratum.
This positive wave is getting palpable in the consumers’ response. It has made them perpetually more assured about getting their dream property as the entire process from selection to transaction- will be taken care under safe practice and free from treachery. NAR-India represents the voice of professional realtors across the country and it presently consists of over 20,000 partners through approximately 40 local associations and they are class apart from the general broker-community by their class of service and proviso.

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Stamp Duty Removal From Affordable Housing Development

Realty to witness investment boost, led by the demand of affordable housing estates across the major cities of India. The later up gradation of this affordable housing segment discloses that affordable houses will soon be exempt from stamp duty, which means people can actually buy affordable flats in Kolkata and other prime locations of the country within curbed budget. According to the sources stamp duty will be narrowed by 4%-8% (variable) of the transaction value.
Union minister for urban development and housing M Venkaiah Naidu said that ministry of HUPA has written to state governments to let off affordable houses from stamp duty. Stamp duty is a state subject, with the state government fixing the rate and collecting the duty.
The minister stated about his infirmity vis-a-vis the barring of stamp duty from GST, saying, “States have, in their wisdom, not adhered to the inclusion of stamp duty under GST.” “Thus, we need to move forward from this debate,” he said.

Addressing Credai and the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India, the union minister said that the Centre would make sure that there was no net tax escalation in the housing sector, particularly the affordable housing segment, following the implementation of the Goods and Services tax (GST). He highlighted that the enclosure of the real estate sector in the GST structure would facilitate the production as well as the industry.

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The Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Minister also asked the builders to deliver their under construction buildings within the given time. From his declaration, fact that has come visible is GST implementation won’t brace realty price hike. Especially affordable housing sector will be safe-sheltered from any price augmentation. Addressing real estate apex bodies on a two-day conclave in the capital Naidu said on a Credai release, “The new Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act will further complement this vision. Another concern of the industry has been faster approvals. We are addressing this across ministries and proposed some recommendations for the PM’s approval.”

Low budget housing sector is not liable to give any service tax also, which is more or less 5.35% of a property’s selling price. The central minister said his ministry had already joined up with the finance ministry in the call for carrying on the exemption under GST. He again added that the union government had also suggested to the finance ministry that the sector be taxed at a rate which is revenue nonaligned, and not an upper one.
“We need to introspect the skyrocketing inflation of land prices, with rates in Hyderabad and Vijayawada at par with New York and Paris, making it impossible to make houses in an affordable manner. All real estate transactions need to be made digital payments, a healthy practice that will make it possible for banks to disburse housing loans,” Naidu said. “We are also working on a policy of incentives and disincentives. States working in compliance with reform measures like accountability, transparency, swift approval will be given additional money under allocation.”

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5 Tips For Post Holi Cleaning For Your Home

Gunjiya and gulal are staples of Holi. We celebrate with friends and family by putting shading on each other and moving to the tune of music. With the celebrations of Holi, comes the inconvenience of disposing of shading. It’s inescapable to keep the shading out of your living spaces, if nothing else you wind up turning an entryway handle and go out. We comprehend the chaos and particularly your need to get your home tidied up.

Here are 5 tips to help you clean your home after Holi.

1. Flooring.

In the event that any dry gulal falls on the floor, basically get your clean free grass sweeper and range it up in a dustpan. Try not to wet it or utilize a soggy material as this exclusive spreads the shading and makes it more hard to clean later. Ensure nobody incidentally ventures on it or you’ll be managing shading impressions all through the house. A genuine cleaning migraine!

In the event that the gulal is wet or you spill some hued water, utilize a wipe or bit of fabric to drench it quickly. On the off chance that the shading dries, it is probably going to leave a lasting stain. You can utilize heating pop and water to manage it on account of tiles. For wooden ground surface, pick a solid cleanser and scour it up.

2. Furniture and wooden surfaces.

Again dry gulal can basically be wiped off into a dustpan utilizing a dry bit of material. Though for wet shading stains, put nail clean remover on cotton balls and delicately rub the stain.

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3. Upholstery.

Dry gulal ought to be vacuumed or wiped off with a tidy free grass floor brush. Evade dampness and hand contact as this lone spreads the stain and leaves a stain in the blinds, bedsheets and whatever other upholstery it interacts with.

4. Entryways and windows.

Dry gulal can essentially be tidied or wiped off. Wet imprints and shading stains on handles and levers ought to be cleaned with a decent quality fluid cleanser or cleaning arrangement. Shading stains on glasses can be cleaned with preparing pop and water blend.

5. Cutlery and ceramics.

Here’s a tip, as opposed to utilizing your most loved and costly arrangement of cutlery, utilize disposables to serve and eat the gunjiyas and kanji.

Now that you’re furnished with cleaning tips, don’t fixate on the cleaning. Just appreciate the celebrations. On the off chance that you have tips from your own understanding, impart them to us in the remarks beneath.

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Things You Should Know While Selling A New / On Hand Property In a Good Value

Selling property is grueling task. From pricing it right to handing it over in a concluding price a seller has to be receptive to it all. A lot of groundwork needs to be done before putting a positive selling label on the property. One should prepare a model selling plan before you crack a well-organized deal of selling the unit.
In case you are thinking of selling your property, then you should go through the review to find the right ways of selling your property.

Calculate the worth of property– Do a proper market research before you bring your property for sale. Always remember pricing your property higher might get your property favorable value but from no buyers. Naturally, you have to put a value which attracts the buyers as well as earn some positive returns. Thus, you have to calculate a price which suits the market perspective.
Get a potential buyer– Pulling potential towards the property is the most effective part of the property selling, quoting an apt. price. Proper advertising of your property can get you many eager buyers.

Get NOC– It’s important to get a NOC from the governing body, so that you can register the property in the name of the buyer.
Legal paperwork– After receiving the NOC you can register the property in the name of buyer. Now if you want to know how to attract buyers for your property you should know how to market your property for earn a good return

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Communicate– Take your property online and list it under any well-practiced property portal to have an interactive session with the buyers to understand market prospect from close.
Price comparison– Go through the resale market online and filtering by property features get a valid comparative price of your property along with available other properties, so that you can set a good price for your property.

Negotiate– After putting your property up for sale; always remember buyers might ask for a lower price. Thus, accordingly you have to set the price so that negotiation won’t throw in loss in your transaction.

Shape up your property before sale– If required; touch up your property to make it presentable for grabbing buyers. Clean up your property to make it look appealing and spacious. Set a positive impression on the buyers mid while they are visiting your property. Make your property ready for in and outside.

Appoint a realtor– Now the final step is to hire a realtor for selling your property and return you an attractive deal and efficient buyer.
Therefore, selling a new or on-hand property follow the above discussed points to get the accurate value of the property. For free property ad use post your property in Kolkata in our web property portal- www.liyans.com to grab instant and effective buyers.

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