Curtain-Raiser, World Realtor Day

21st March will be now on celebrated as World Realtor Day. Paying tribute to the profession and the diligence of the realtor was the reason behind this consequential announcement by NAR-India. This is the one of its own kind commendation showing reverence to professional realtor fraternity across the country, hosted at the Hotel Shangrila, Bengaluru. Putting the professional brokerage business in India on the board was the idea, for which NAR came up with this initiative of promoting realtor business on a broad and respectable dais. Alike Bengaluru, Kolkata realtors also found celebrating the very day. The entire week is conferred to this bash.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicNAR-India and dynamic realtors have teamed up for keeping up the spirit high of realtor profession, which shows that there are professional realtors practicing on the code of ethics and default ideology, Honesty, Ideology and Transparency (HIT Philosophy). As a preface of Word Realtor Day, NAR-India has seen preoccupied with 35+ local partnerships ingeniously getting engaged in a 3 days nationwide social service by coordinating Blood Donation Camps on March 18, nutriment of the homeless on March 19 and working for orphanage and hospitals on 20th March. World Realtor Day celebration will be followed by a National Annual Sports Competition. From 22nd March- 24th March NAR India Olympaid will be at the Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli. Every local associate will be a part of this celebration acquainting their support to this noteworthy cause.
The NAR initiated new-era is for reshaping real estate industry as a perfect blend of FIT (Fulfillment-Inventory-Organization) which can procure to every realty requirement of an ideal real estate infrastructure. Several companies were in vain, because of a single element shortage of FIT in the past. Generally property portals are free from this fulfillment fit out and all the transaction companies bypass a trustworthy technical platform, which can be really useful for the lead generation. Having the shakes from regulations like Demonetization, RERA implementation and the Benami Transactions(Prohibition) Amendment Act 2016, only the professional brokerage firms will be continue in the industry, who kept their practice honest right through. Also proper education and training will be there to take local brokers a step ahead to become recognized as professional realtors.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicWith these up-and-coming changes in the Brokerage industry and range of developments this industry is going to witness a substantial escalation. Now real estate industry has been monitored under safe-hands and with advanced technical usage it’s reaching towards its desired substratum.
This positive wave is getting palpable in the consumers’ response. It has made them perpetually more assured about getting their dream property as the entire process from selection to transaction- will be taken care under safe practice and free from treachery. NAR-India represents the voice of professional realtors across the country and it presently consists of over 20,000 partners through approximately 40 local associations and they are class apart from the general broker-community by their class of service and proviso.

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  1. This is a welcome initiative .. wish u a prosperous business development. Hope to develop our business with integrity.

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