GIS Mapping To Benefit The Digitization Of Chandigarh City

Chandigarh administration has discharged tenders for geographic information system (GIS) mapping of properties and other infrastructure to sign up an organization execute and supervise aerial and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) data survey.

For complete digitization of all records of property and other infrastructure this project was sanctioned by the central government earlier. Under this project the authority targets to achieve GIS mapping for all the buildings- residential, commercial, manufacturing, edifying, health services, central government, state government, railway property, spiritual, leisure and public utilities such as- water treatment plants, pumping stations, solid waste management plants and sewage treatment plants.

All the rural areas, slums, vacant areas, agricultural land other eco-sensitive zones, transportation growth communication infrastructure- telephone exchange, cell towers and WiFi hotspots will also be connected through maps. Apart from all these the electricity network will to be observed under mapping. Once finished the execution, the GIS map will be shared with every panning agency of the city.
This GIS integration will monitor ownership, approved building plan and will help in maintaining all records of existing properties of the city. Through GIS service land invasion can be avoided. It will have a strict access on legitimate land/property ownership to fend off illegal property selling inside the city. It will definitely aid in better planning and advanced infrastructure of the city.

Presently, Chandigarh doesn’t have any active mechanism forestalling plan violation. A little control can seriously dissuade residential/ commercial plan violation. For decades, residents have been seen making changes in their buildings as per their comfort which results violation of building rules. For instance- residents of sectors- 20, 21, 22 and 23 have stretched their lawns and parking lots by flatten their boundaries and illegally grasping public lands for personal use. There also are many examples where residents are detected extending the backside courtyards of properties by building-up small store rooms and service quarters.

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Land buying tips for real estate investors

KOLKATA: Check the land deed twice before you buy a plot from a broker. Chances are that the deed is fake, a clone of the original, like counterfeit notes. Land deed cloning is the Ponzi firm’s latest gift to fraudulent trade in the state.

TOI has learnt that Ponzi firm owners had started the fraud with a section of Bank and land registration officials. They fake signatures and seal of the land registration authorities, thus selling the same plot to many buyers. Hundreds of complaints have poured into the Shyamal Sen commission’s office set up to probe the Saradha muddle, where many have lodged co plaints against fake land deeds, apart from asking for a refund of money. Such fake dealings in the way of multiple mortgages have also added to the bad assets of banks.

“Most of the cases involving fake or cloned documents in land deals have been reported from districts like South and North 24-Parganas and Nadia,” said Dipankar Mukherjee, secretary of the All India Bank officers’ Confederation (West Bengal state unit).

Alarmed with the situation, the state government had started to confiscate land lying with the suspicious companies. The government has started to seize land of companies that have more than 24 acre in possession.

“The trend of duping banks by forging land deeds was high in the middle of the past decade. City police have busted several rackets where fraudsters had managed to get bank loans with forged documents, and in some cases loans were obtained from different banks showing the same land or property. In several cases, probe unearthed a nexus between the fraudsters and a section of bank employees. But now, after busting several rackets, we have managed to buck the trend,” said Pallav Kanti Ghosh, joint CP (Crime), Kolkata Police.

According to bank sources, the fraudsters close land documents and sell the same piece of land to several people. “It is difficult to make out the fake from the original as those are done very meticulously. They even copy stamp of the registering authorities and signature on the original,” said a bank official.

T R Chawla, executive director of Allahabad Bank, said most of the frauds that are reported are done by individuals. “We have seen cases where documents were faked but mostly these are done by individuals, rather than any corporate entity,” he said.

Although the number of land frauds has come down after the banks in the state have started using Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest (CERSAI), the fraudsters have taken innovative routes to dupe people. “There is a mechanism that allows us to search if that land had already been mortgaged with any bank. But if that land is already sold to an individual and has no mortgage records, it is difficult to track it down,” Mukherjee said.

According to Deepak Narang, executive director of United Bank of India, “We have been able to contain such frauds after the banks have started using certified copies of land deeds and using CERSAI extensively.

Source: The Times of India