Fines imposed on builders for roads obstructions- KMC civic body

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to impose fines because of blocking the roads and pavements with construction materials which are not acceptable. With the declarations of Mamata Banerjee (chief minister), they have started issuing warning notices and even started to provided stop working notices to the builders and developers. The Kolkata civic body has started taking drastic and rapid actions to clear out the obstruction made on roads which are hampering the drainage system of the city by blocking it and thus leads to waterlogging.

Fines imposed on builders for roads obstructions- KMC civic body.jpg
The municipal commissioner announced that the official of KMC should make the list of such builders who let their building materials stuck the roads and drainage system and hand it over to the solid waste management. He also said that a circular should be provided where the civic body has the authority to seize the building materials which are stacking out the roads and impose spot fines on the builders.

The KMC has an amendment provided to the solid waste management civic body in which it is clearly mentioned that they can impose fines starting from Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 depending on the number of offenses. Under this KMC act, the civic body will calculate the offenses done by the builders and then to take spot fines and grab the construction materials which is blocking the pavements and roads.

This will be the lesson to the arrogant builders who repeats their offenses knowingly. They will be charged fine in the first attempt of the offense, the civic body of the KMC will seize the building materials after the second and lastly, if the builders are not correcting themselves then the body will issue the stop-working notices.

As per the directives of the KMC, the builders are allowed to keep the building materials until the time of making the ground floor of the construction. But after that, the materials should be shifted into the construction sites. If any builders do not obey the rules of KMC they have to give fines and face the legal obligations as per the statement of solid waste management officials.

In the monsoon, water logging is becoming a huge problem in some areas because the drainage system is getting choked with the building materials like stone chips and sand. The municipal commissioner of the KMC department is going to receive the circular from the state municipal affairs of the department which clearly states that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Howrah Municipal Corporation will definitely aware and warn the builders about the offenses of road blocking. 

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