Building plans sanction will be done online: Kolkata civic body

The buying plans will be sanctioned online from 1st July 2020 by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation as it was stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The roll-out of the online project was delayed due to lockdown which was scheduled to start from April 1.

Building plans sanction will be done online- Kolkata civic body.jpg

After the virtual conferencing with the officials of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), the chairperson of the KMC board administrator said that the extensions are already provided for the sanctioned projects by the government due to the lockdown. The regulatory authority has given the 9 months extension for completion of the stalled projects if needed for the
construction. A period of 5 years is given to the realtors after approval of the project for completing the constructions according to the KMC building rules. If anyone fails to complete the project between the deadlines, the realtor needs to regain the validation by paying additional fees.

The chairperson also added in his comments that the building plans sanction will be done online and the process will be continued on thika tenancy land. If anyone is willing to get the sanction on building plans on Thika tenancy land, they need to get several approvals from different departments including state and revenue departments, KMC, and other several authorities of thika tenancy. He also urged the realtor’s body for granting jobs to the laborers who have returned to the state.

After the provision of the government and several measures of the civic body, the developers will start the construction process to deliver the projects as soon as possible. Buyers can invest in 3 BHK Apartments in West Kolkata which are available with all benefits and discounts.

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