Fines imposed on builders for roads obstructions- KMC civic body

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to impose fines because of blocking the roads and pavements with construction materials which are not acceptable. With the declarations of Mamata Banerjee (chief minister), they have started issuing warning notices and even started to provided stop working notices to the builders and developers. The Kolkata civic body has started taking drastic and rapid actions to clear out the obstruction made on roads which are hampering the drainage system of the city by blocking it and thus leads to waterlogging.

Fines imposed on builders for roads obstructions- KMC civic body.jpg
The municipal commissioner announced that the official of KMC should make the list of such builders who let their building materials stuck the roads and drainage system and hand it over to the solid waste management. He also said that a circular should be provided where the civic body has the authority to seize the building materials which are stacking out the roads and impose spot fines on the builders.

The KMC has an amendment provided to the solid waste management civic body in which it is clearly mentioned that they can impose fines starting from Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 depending on the number of offenses. Under this KMC act, the civic body will calculate the offenses done by the builders and then to take spot fines and grab the construction materials which is blocking the pavements and roads.

This will be the lesson to the arrogant builders who repeats their offenses knowingly. They will be charged fine in the first attempt of the offense, the civic body of the KMC will seize the building materials after the second and lastly, if the builders are not correcting themselves then the body will issue the stop-working notices.

As per the directives of the KMC, the builders are allowed to keep the building materials until the time of making the ground floor of the construction. But after that, the materials should be shifted into the construction sites. If any builders do not obey the rules of KMC they have to give fines and face the legal obligations as per the statement of solid waste management officials.

In the monsoon, water logging is becoming a huge problem in some areas because the drainage system is getting choked with the building materials like stone chips and sand. The municipal commissioner of the KMC department is going to receive the circular from the state municipal affairs of the department which clearly states that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Howrah Municipal Corporation will definitely aware and warn the builders about the offenses of road blocking. 

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Best place for investments in the Western part of Kolkata Real Estate

Investments in the real estate industry have become a trend in recent times. As compared to other cities, Kolkata is becoming the best in providing residential units. This city individually giving a push to the Indian economy with a positive intention. Kolkata real estate serves all kinds of housing segments, along with commercial segments. As there is a huge growth in population, people are showing interest in buying homes to upgrade their lifestyle.

Best place for investments in the Western part of Kolkata Real Estate.jpg

Nowadays, information on real estate is available on respective websites and huge realty experts have their website for making the property buying precise and hectic-free.  Kolkata consists of some places which are upgrading day by day and also shown a drastic improvement in infrastructural facilities. Maximum homebuyers are now believed in a comfortable lifestyle with all facilities. They are very much known to these facts that they can get high returns in the coming times. Kolkata is providing several condominiums and high-rise projects with different amenities to make residents’ lives more comfortable. The best apartments in Kolkata are growing up and being constructed in the western part. Some of the suburbs like Howrah, Hooghly, and many other places in these suburbs.

There are some places in Howrah like Shibpur, Salap, Bandaghat, etc are the best places where different types of residential units and projects are growing up to serve the updated lifestyle. The most demanded project in Howrah is ESSENSE which is a high-rise residential unit in Shibpur, Howrah. It is a treasury of luxury apartments and also has facilities with smart setups. The dimensions of the bedrooms are huge which provides free spaces for convenience. All the amenities are also present in the projects where kids can separately feel their spaces for playing and recreating new ideas.

Another attractive project in Howrah in Salap is Joyville Howrah which is mostly comprised of different apartments that are available at affordable rates. People should invest in this project as different deals and discounts are being offered on booking. Amenities like 24 Hrs Security, 24 Hrs Water Supply, Banquet Hall, Car Parking, Community Hall, Fire Fighting System, Indoor Game, Kid’s Play Area, Passenger Lift, Swimming Pool, Amphitheatre, Volley Ball Court, etc are present in the project which are well-maintained. People will have a business-class living in their dream flat and even they can earn a huge profit on the resale of the properties.

In west Kolkata, another best area for buying a residential apartment is Merlin Gangotri which is located in Konnagar, Hooghly. The most attractive feature of this project is the natural view of Ganga from the apartments. This is one of the most beautiful projects within your budget comprises of comfortable and luxury apartments. The amenities of the project redefine the ultimate comfort as the environment and green spaces make the health and mind healthy. The proper connectivity of the transport always makes the journey hassle-free. 

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A tender of 103crore provided to New Garia Metro in Kolkata

The New Garia metro car depot has got the tender of amount 103crores to carry on the important activities along with the depot land. This will shorten the time and help for completion of New Garia-Ruby-Park Metro services which will be started on early 2020 but a problem arises when the agency (Rail Vikas Nigam Limited) of this particular project is in tension for the delay in construction because a small plot of land has not been acquired to restart the process. As the project is being constructed to the side of North-South Metro depot of the railway and the activities are smoothly running, the tender is seeking to be used in other activities like water supply, drainage, sewage, roads and tracks, power supply, general electric activities, supply and installation of pieces of machinery to plant them in the project for the car depot.

A tender of 103crore provided to New Garia Metro in Kolkata.jpg

Once it is completed, this metro car depot will serve as the biggest amalgamated metro car depot in the city to provide the service to North= South and New Garia metro alliances. This is very important for combining these to metro alignments to facilitate the movement of cars as these alignments are the oldest metro corridors of the country.

There is another fact for worrying about the completion of the second phase of New Garia metro station which will be aligned with old New Garia station for facilitating the passengers for an easy journey to the North-South to New Garia airport. Civil engineering activities in the main station are about to complete like 85% of it is almost done. To enjoy these facilities of transportation, homebuyers should invest in 3 BHK Apartments in South Kolkata where the best projects are being constructed to standardize the lifestyle. Projects like SGIL GARDENIA, GRAND CASTLE, GREEN LEAF serve the best transport facilities to the nearest locations which make the journey comfortable and hassle-free.

The Perfect Time to Add Real Estate to Your Portfolio

Real estate is an industry that gives a huge push to the developing economy. It attracts lots of investors across the globe because of the things that they can control the situation. It differs from the stock market because there is no certainty of valuation. Now people are also focusing on rental properties to make a stable income from real estate. So study some good chapters about the real estate market and add an investment to the portfolio.

The Perfect Time to Add Real Estate to Your Portfolio.jpg

Real estate is not an alternate option of the stock market– many reputed realtors and investors strongly believe that the stock market is reckless and illogical on the grounds of investments. But real estate is a market where people can manage and have control over the system which can be seen and touched. Real estate has diversified the properties in different suburbs which support residential, commercial, and other industrial places. There are different scopes of investments where investors can make their profits.

Real estate is a big budget– to make money in the fields of real estate; people need to invest money in the industry which also includes mortgage loans. Apart from down payments in the industry, there are other additional costs like interests, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repair. It is not necessary to depend on the income for property investments as there are many expenses that come with it. People need to save some funds to make such expenses fulfill whenever the property is empty.

Real estate is not an assertive investment- real estate needs the attention of landlords, time, and response if it is a rental property. The tenants will call anytime when they are in need. For this, one owner can hire an official or a manager to control all such problems regarding the property.

Real estate is a business- if one possesses stamina, and a long drive which needs patience and proper analysis, they could become a good real estate investor or a reputed realtor. People need to make calculations for earning returns like in rental properties when tenants are demanding for rentals. Changes and modifying the business strategy also is in a need. Investors need to make certain changes in the property for improvement. They need to keep records of accounts, taxes, expenses to manage the profit and overall outcome from one property.

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Exemption from income tax for unauthorized colonies in Delhi

The government has given relief to the owners of unauthorized colonies from the last year because the buyers had bought those properties below the market price which were continued previous years. The owner or the buyer of such property possesses legal rights and ownership.

Exemption from income tax for unauthorized colonies in Delhi.jpg

As these colonies are unauthorized, the government has fixed certain rates on it for the registration and the buyers purchased such land and properties below the circle rates. So the owners have got exempted from the payment of income tax as they can be applied for the different market rates and the actual price for purchase.

The land and immovable property which is unauthorized and comes under the National Territory of Delhi will get the tax exemptions and liable under the new Power of Attorney, Agreement to Sale, possession Will, letters, and other documents. The Central government has given the authority of such transactions.

The parliament allowed more than 1700 unauthorized colonies for getting the ownership till last December and they will be exempted from the taxes by following all the documents.  The Centre has given many measures in the real estate industry to revive as soon as possible in post-COVID-19. The homebuyers in Kolkata who are willing to buy flats and apartments for achieving benefits can buy 3 BHK Apartments in South Kolkata .