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  • Developer: Earthcon Construction Pvt Ltd
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Earthcon Client Solutions - Project Management Division would provide a collaborative teaming approach combined with strong support and guidance to the Interior fit-out project in our capacity as an independent consultant. Earthcon also has detailed SOPs for all critical activities during the life cycle of a project and would be glad to share the same on request to demonstrate risk mitigation, cost control and process improvement measures.

The Earthcon PM Team, in conjunction with the Consultants and Contractor, will also approach the following important aspects of Project Management with the intent to integrate and optimise resources through the following:

  • Contract Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Control & Management
  • Environment, Health & Safety Management
  • Risk Managements


More specifically, as Project Managers for the Interior fit-out project, we will act as the primary consultant responsible for the following activities relating to interior fit-out works:
Phase1: Planning and Design

Stage 1 : Pre-Design/ Pre-Constructions

Preparation of Project Brief
Review and/ or establish an outline brief for the project, taking into account building function, space requirements, building information, cost targets, time and quality targets, occupational requirements and commercial objectives. Review the brief with respect to construction feasibility and procurement within budget and time parameters. This will be carried out after a detailed review of requirements/ aspirations of business heads.

Project Strategy
Work with their stakeholders and business leaders to arrive at the best strategy to complete the project in terms of purchase procedures, extent of work, applicable national agreements and building standards.

Project Programming 
Prepare a Preliminary Project Schedule that co-ordinates and integrates the Project Management services, Architect/Engg Consultants’ services and the Client's responsibilities with the anticipated construction schedule after establishing the project parameters.

Project Budget
Establish a Concept budget target on the basis of adopted project strategy and taking into account work breakdown structure, available tax benefits. However the budget estimate shall be prepared by the Architect / Engineering Consultants.

Stage 2: Design

Design Review 
Review the information developed by the Architect / Engg Consultants with respect to design criteria and the project brief. Review drawings throughout the design period for recommended economies consistent with these requirements, budget constraints and sound construction practices. Monitor design development to conform to established project goals and objectives.

At completion of schematic design phase Earthcon will review, verify & confirm the budgeted cost of construction of the project as prepared by the Architect / Engg Consultants. Advise the Architect / Engg Consultants if it appears that the construction cost may exceed the budgeted project cost. Present the data in the form of analyzed MIS reports and make recommendations for corrective actions.

Project Cost Plan
When quantities, specifications and detailed drawings are available, Earthcon will develop the elemental conceptual estimate into a detailed elemental cost estimate which, when agreed by Client, will become the project cost plan. Assist the project team in defining the project costs and schedule and identify relevant categories of costs, estimates, limits (as appropriate), and overall cost objectives. Receive all project costs beyond the construction contract and from designated sources, provide a periodic project cost update.

Value Engineering
Our team of Project Managers provide early feedback to the design team during the design phase. The Earthcon team will provide value-engineering suggestions based upon proven technology and actual experience. Each major component would be evaluated based upon capital cost, operating cost, life expectancy and suitability to the project, including the available time frame. No idea is dismissed without evaluation. Working in a productive manner, the Earthcon team will provide constructive criticism to each other.

Additionally, the contractors will be encouraged to provide input even if it is critical of design.Value engineering will be provided to arrive at a design that is cost effective, easily constructed, faster to build, cleaner while building out, maintainable and durable as well as aesthetic. Value Engineering will be done both for Engg services as well as Interior designs