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Coredelia Realty Pvt. Ltd. Coredelia Realty Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Agent: Coredelia Realty Pvt. Ltd.
  • Contact No: +91-22-65740000
  • Email: info@albuniv.in
  • Mobile No: 22-65740000

About Coredelia Realty Pvt. Ltd.



Coredelia Realty Pvt. Ltd. is a real estate development company that specialises in high end, premium quality construction in the Mumbai-Pune belt. The firm was launched in 2008 by a Group of professionals who have over 30 man years of cumulative experience in real estate, investments and project management. The company specialises in identifying emerging locations based on the development plans of the twin cities of Mumbai and Pune and then launching development projects that are a lucrative investment proposition for the end buyer.

Group companies are also currently implementing a Tourism Resort on over 1000 acres near Khed in Pune and a Township project on over 300 acres near Kolad near the Goa Highway.

Our organisation is designed to deliver highly innovative products in the residential and hospitality space. We are the first company in Mumbai to launch a "Corporate Time Share" concept at Coredelia that helps Companies give their employees an opportunity to enjoy premium holidays at our resort while making a low capital investment. This scheme also helps investors in our projects earn a very competitive yield on their investments while they await a windfall capital gain as the property price appreciates.

We endeavor to produce landmark buildings and outstanding architectural designs that use the "GREEN BUILDING". Our philosophy of "oneness with nature" ensures that we use eco friendly building methods and materials. Rain water harvesting, non polluting recycling of treated waste water, use of LED lighting to save powers, use of UV filtering double glass windows to save air conditioning costs, use of non polluting construction materials are all integral to our construction methods in keeping with our Corporate philosophy to put the least amount of strain on natural resources. Our Projects promote among its residents a sense of well being through well landscaped gardens, providing organic foods in our restaurants, facilities to exercise and relax one’s senses at the sports, spas and massage canters.

We are also a very "socially responsible" organisation. We have already initiated programs for the upliftment of the poor and needy, in the region of Vihoor/ Murud Janjira. We have adopted an entire village belonging to the Adivasi community and have already assisted over 50 families with provisions for clean drinking water, free education for children, family health programs through free medicines/ treatment of chronic alcoholism. We have also made significant donations to the local Panchayat to help with the development of road infrastructure, library and gymnasium for the welfare of the local populations. Our use of local workers for construction has also bought about a significant "buy-in" of our brand with the local population and creating new employment opportunities in the region.