Smart City App To Enable Kolkata’s Next-Gen Real Estate Business

Smart phone apps for travelers while the person in on road. It could be the ultimate tool to guide you up to your destination. Now compass, alarm clock, weather, calculator etc for every distinguished facility there is either an in sum app or individual for smartphones and other gadgets. A gadget’s expediency can be increased with installation of convenient apps. Now Kolkata to introduce the smart city New Town app which will provide New Town information, places of attraction, restaurants and other relevant other details of the very place. With this launch potential property buyers will get an improved vision of the availabilities and exact sites of flats in Rajarhat.

Reaching places in New Town will be comfortable for the residents and greenhorns. Not just the area and the address, through this app they would get updated with the upcoming events and services in the area. This is another revolutionary step of HIDCO (West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation) to promote residential sale in New Town Area. This app is called as ‘Smart City New Town app’. Even tourists can log in through this app to know about popular areas and other places of their interest.
Bus stands, bus timings, locating any address and buying books from digital library- all these purpose can be solved just by tickling the app. Café Ekante welcomes people for table reservation via using this app. This app also has ‘audio-tour’ feature that makes you listen about various places of your liking. Authorities said that the idea is to have a mobile app to spread awareness among the residents and outsiders about the various happening places in New Town, locations of those places, guides to reach there, information about the events happening at places like Eco Park, Mother’s Wax Museum, Rabindra Tirtha, Nazrul Tirtha and many others.

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Previously many other systems in New Town had been digitized. Not as an after-effect, but much before the demonetization this area of Kolkata started accepting virtual payments for buying residential items. There was an e-auction arranged by HIDCO for land distribution among the builders and individuals. Adding on The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) is planning to make available all applications for the 100 residential plots online, and offer net-banking facility for depositing money for the purpose. They are also making payment to several agencies through using RTGS, NEFT and other Net banking options. This App can be downloaded on iOS and android operated handsets. This app will be incorporated with various other features and development, stated by the authorities.
It is important to keep in mind that many apps will require you to be online in order to get the latest information, again with the availability of free Biswa Bangla wifi residents won’t have to pay lengthy and unhappy internet bills. This is a unique method to abbreviate real estate market sloth and wipe out negative market sentiments. With the overall digitization the civic body is now in process to boost real estate sale of this Smart City.

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